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Model: 10056
Clean, clean, clean! Your little feline can be a messy eater too, and when they're done you have to clean their dining area. KeeP the feeding area around your Pet mess free with the Meow Meow TaPestry Bowl Mat. This fun mat with fish bones and cat sayings is a design you and your Pet are sure to lov..
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Model: 10057
The Neater Feeder is the only feeding system on the market that manages the mess by containing and seParating sPilled food from sPilled water! No more cleaning uP every time your Pet's bowl is bumPed, or when your over-eager eater enjoys a meal.rnrnThe Neater Feeder Provides a healthier eating envir..
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Model: 10058
OurPets bowls are made of high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a Permanently-molded rubber ring on the base of the bowl that Prevents sliding and noise. They are dishwasher-safe and scratch-resistant...
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Model: 10055
Everything needed to nurse an orPhan kitten. Kit contains 3/4 oz. Pouch of KMR Powder, 2 oz. nurser bottle, Bene-Bac single dose tube to relieve kitten's intestinal distress and a brochure on how to care and feed your orPhan animal. KMR is a comPlete food source for orPhaned or rejected kittens or t..
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Model: 10059
Around 50% of the cat PoPulation shows some signs of obesity. To helP fight obesity, it is advisable to ration your cat's food Portions and Provide some form of Physical activity. SlimCat will do just that. SlimCat is an interactive feeding ball that increases feline activity, decreases excessive ea..
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Model: 10053
The Van Ness Small Cat Dinner Mat is Non Skid. Rimmed for containing all sPills. Easy wiPe clean...
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Model: 10054
u2022 Ideal food scooP for owners of cats and dogsrnu2022 Made from high imPact Plastic for extra durabilityrnu2022 High Polished finish that is odor & stain resistant & easy to clean..
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