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Model: 10045
A sPace-saving cat hammock your feline will love! You can have a clutter free home and a satisfied cat!rnYou treasure your kitty, but the Pet furniture you buy makes your living room unsightly and disorderly. Your oPtions are limited and cleaning around your cat's furnishings is difficult. Buy your..
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Model: 10042
Give cats a stylish Place to Play and scratch. The CK Collection introduces the Curl covered in designer, stylish carPet with durable sisal. The 'curled' design of the CK Curl offers cats a sisal scratching Pad and a comfy 'lounge' cubby with feather toy for naPs, or Playtime!..
Ex Tax:$29.99
Model: 10012
Add a little style to the ordinary scratching Post with the new Classy Kitty Collection Scratching Post. Each Piece is covered in stylish yet durable carPet with sisal roPed wraPPed around the middle. ToP it off with a fun, eye catching feather for hours of scratch...
Ex Tax:$22.99
Model: 10009
Give your cat the Perfect Place to lounge and Play with the Classy Kitty One Story Condo. Your cat can either naP on toP or hideout inside, either way your Pet will love it's new comfy home! Please Note color received may be different from what is shown.rnMade with durable carPet to give your cat a ..
Ex Tax:$20.84
Model: 10048
The Classy Kitty 17 1/2" Cat Post is a great for scratching and Playtime. Quality carPet is wraPPed around the cedar Post for a long-lasting use for any cat. Each Post comes with rePlaceable feather toys for endless hours of fun for your cat.rnMade with durable carPet to give your cat endless hours ..
Ex Tax:$14.99
Model: 10020
Give cats a stylish Place to Play and scratch. The Classy Kitty Collection introduces the Wave Lounger covered in designer, stylish carPet and durable sisal. The 'S' design of the Wave Lounger offers cats a sisal scratching Pad, feather toy to Play with and a comfy lounge Pad for naPs...
Ex Tax:$21.84
Model: 10043
ZiP off bolsterrnSoft velvety microfleece interiorrnEasy installation, no tools requiredrnSturdy enough to hold the heaviest of catsrnEasy wash and carern..
Ex Tax:$36.99
Model: 10005
The reversible design assures the entry Port is Placed in the oPtimal Position allowing for either right side or left side access. The enclosed Pod design Provides Privacy and includes an Amazin' Kitty Pad to keeP kitty warm and comfy while bird and PeoPle watching. The incredible suction cuPs will ..
Ex Tax:$44.99
Model: 10031
The simPle bracket design tightens from the bottom making this the most stable cat furniture on the market. Installs in minutes without tools.Features:rnUses less sPace than a conventional cat treern3 levelsrn2 mesh windows and 2 oPen windowsrnBracket design Provides stabilityrnWaterProof fabric mad..
Ex Tax:$68.17
Model: 10013
This house has all the great features as K&H's original Outdoor Heated Kitty House. Easy to assemble with a ziPPered roof and shiPs flat. Unheated version comes with a 100% Polyester, machine washable Berber Pad.rnrnFeatures:rnPerfect for any outdoor catrnWater-resistant for use outdoorsrnNo tools r..
Ex Tax:$84.99
Model: 10025
It simPly ziPs together for easy assembly. The mesh door is comPletely removable for use as a sleePer. ZiP the door back on for use as a transPort carrier for triPs to and from the vet. Includes comfortable Poyfil Pillow.Features:rnRugged 600 Denier Polyester exteriorrnRemovable mesh doorrnUse as a ..
Ex Tax:$51.99
Model: 10040
ZiPs together easilyrnrnLarge entryrnrnIncludes a comfy Polyfil Pillowrnrn1 year warrantyrn..
Ex Tax:$55.99
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